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Since I'm still sorting some things out in the real world, I have decided to release new types of commissions every week that will be available as soon as the appropriate menu is posted.

Commission Menus

Information about current types of commissions


Commission Menu - Chibi (OPEN) by BazzlewithaK

 - Coming Soon -
June 22 - Illustrations
June 29 - Character Design
July 6 - Item/Miscellaneous Design



  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open
  7. Open
  8. Open
  9. Open
  10. Open

Pending Payment
None -

Pending Approval
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- None -


Please Read Thoroughly Before Submitting a Request

Terms of Service

1. These commissions are intended for personal use, not commercial use -
        You may not sell any of artwork or designs, that I have done, without my written permission to do so.  For example : If you are selling artwork that you have done yourself that contains a character I have designed for you, you may do so.  However, selling the character's design is not permissible without my consent.
        That said, you may freely use the artwork for personal use, so long as you do not claim artistic rights (saying that you created it) and credit the original artist (me).  This includes posting the watermarked or unwatermarked version to your gallery, using it on or off site, cropping and/or editing the image.  If you do post the image to DeviantArt, please provide a link back to the original image.
        You have a right to create copies of the image as long as no profit is made.

2. There will be no refund for completed commissions -
        Once a commission is complete , there will not be an available refund and payment will be due.  Please be sure that you are positive in your decision before you make a request.

3. I may decline a commission at any point and must provide a refund should I do so after payment -
        If, for any reason, during a commission there is reason for me to cease the project or decline a client's offer I may do so freely, provided that I return the money I have received for the commission.

4. I will start working on a commission as soon as I receive payment -
       Once I receive the expected amount for a commission, then and only then will I begin work on the piece.

5. There are no deadlines unless otherwise negotiated -
        I live a very busy life and thus a commission can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the complexity and how much is on my plate at the time.  I will be making an effort to complete commissions in an efficient and fast pace, but rushing it generally tends to cause a drop in quality for the final product.  Upon submitting a request, you may ask for a certain deadline to be met and provide a good reason.  Example of a good reason: If you request a piece you want to be displayed on a flyer that needs to be completed by a certain date.  Example of a bad reason : You want it done by tomorrow because your commission should be totally easy to do compared to everyone else.

6. Unless otherwise stated, all commissions shall include three free consultations during the sketch phase -
        After I have received a request and I have been paid, I will send you a note or email, depending on your preference, once I am done with a workable sketch (or sketches) for approval.  During this process, you may ask for any changes to be made or, if you are satisfied, you may approve it for completion.  If you ask for any changes, I will adjust the sketch and send it to you again for a second consultation and the process will repeat until you give your approval for it to go into its completion stage.  The first three consultations will be free.  However, each additional consultation will cost you $5 unless it is my own fault for forgetting a previous change request.

7. Any art that I create is art that I have the right to use -
        Plain and simple.  If it is a piece that I created, I may display it in my gallery, portfolio, use it to promote my work, or otherwise.  I may not, however, sell the rights to any characters that belong to the client.



I will draw :
- Copyrighted Characters (Fanart)
- Other Artist's characters, given that I receive permission from them.
- Non-human Characters.  This includes anything from animals, robots, mythical creatures, anthros, and gijinkas
- Tasteful nudes.  By tasteful I mean that they are not sexualized.  For example : A tribal woman with exposed breasts giving a stoic pose, not the same woman grabbing her breasts and giving a suggestive pose.
-Blood/Violence/Sensible Gore.  An example of what I will do: a zombie character or your zombie survivor character cracking a zombie upside the head with a pipe.  An example of what I will not do: Your zombie survivor character strutting around with piles of guts and viscera worn around him like a shawl.  Bones are fine.  Wounds are fine.  Exposed organs and excessive meat kind of make me squeamish.

I will not draw :
-Heavy sexual themes.  Flirting I'm okay with.  A loving kiss I can do (though it might take time given that I have little practice in drawing that sort of thing).  Characters who are meant to be sexy or over-the-top sexy, but it is not the intent of the piece to emphasize that, such as making a fanart piece of the main character from Kill la Kill.  Pinups or two characters getting hot and heavy are something I will not do.  I'm sorry.  Mad props to the artists who can do it.  It's just not my thing.
- Anything that promotes sexism, racism, or hate in general.  If your character is a nazi, whatever.  I will still draw your character.  I will not, however, draw your character promoting superiority over anyone or violence.  The only exception is if it is purely for comedy and not at all to be taken seriously!  Example of what I will do : Your little nazi being as feminine and flamboyant as possible while spouting homophobic nonsense.  Example of what I won't do : Your little nazi standing over the body of a homosexual.

If you are unsure about whether or not I'd be up for something, just ask!  I swear, I'm friendly and trust me when I say I'm not in the business of judging people.

For any non-design commissions, please provide a picture reference.  This can be a photo, sculpture, painting, or drawing.

I will only accept a written reference that is highly detailed.  Highly detailed includes face shape, body shape/type, skin color, eye color, eye shape, hair color, hair style, clothing (detailed description), height, and personality.  When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, that goes double for design.  Telling me that your character is 'a young high school girl that is pale with long, black hair and gothic clothes' tells me next to nothing about what you want her to look like.

Purchase Method

Either post a comment in this journal or send me a note with the following form filled out:

DeviantArt Username :
Commission Type :
Style :
Character(s) :
Additional Items/Details :


DeviantArt Username : BazzlewithaK
Commission Type : Chibi
Style : Sketch - Full Color
Character(s) : Patches
Additional Items/Details :
- Simple Background : Orange with Polkadots
- Can you have him playing with a ball of yarn?  I don't care what color

- Currently, I can only accept payment through PayPal.
- Please pay using USD currency!
- Please include your username with your PayPal
- My PayPal is

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